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Crystal is precious reservoir characterization software with friendly interface, easy to use. Through integrating of seismic, well log, structure information, Geologists and geophysicists can precisely predict reservoir and describe the properties of reservoir (porosity, permeability, etc). The results of Crystal can be directly used for well plan and reservoir simulation. The integrated analyses of geophysical and geological information in Crystal provide a whole toolkit of high-resolution reservoir prediction for oil & gas E&P.

NorSar is the 2D/3D forward seismic modeling software. The forward seismic modeling technique is a very powerful tool in precisely understanding seismic data. The horizon interpretation can be enhanced through comparison between forward model and real seismic data. The illustration analysis can help the field observation design together with the evaluation of seismic imaging. Integrating model parameters and petrophysical parameters makes it real for the model outputs to be consistent with real geology, moreover, makes 4D seismic reservoir analysis to be preformed.

Through the integration of Petrophysical model, geology, well log and seismic data, the analysis of well log oil/gas response and subsequent geophysical response, Seismic interpreter, geologist, geophysicist and petrophysicist can perform quick and precise oil/gas distinction and prediction prior to interpretation. RokDOC analyses well log response of oil/gas, calculates the relative elastic parameter, defines the seismic feature of oil/gas, and provides the criterion and scheme of oil/gas prediction with seismic and inversion.

2DMove is a powerful 2D geological balance section tool. It outputs credible, balanced, recovered paleostructure model by various analysis. Based on the seismic interpretation and analysing the embedding history, geologists can better understand the geological structure features, and avoid the uncertainty of seismic interpretation. User can assess the rationality of interpretation scheme rapidly and focus on the E&P target zones.

FaultX is the automatic faults pick-up software with 3D seismic volume QC. When the seismic interface continuous, 3D horizon automatic picked-up is not complicated, but the faults are difficult to recognize. The software can improve the quality of seismic interpretation by automatically pick up the faults which can be hardly realized manually.

LCT is the unified Gravity, Magnetics and seismic interpretation & processing software. The whole 3D/3D G/M modeling, grid data transform and magnetic depth calculating features integrated in LCT interpretation. which contains 2D/3D forward modeling and inversion, depth inversion, G/M data interchanging, regional and residual analysis. The processing segment can handle and process the geophysical data in points, lines and grids layout, standardize and enhance the potential data, interactive display, edit and hardcopy the graph.

CONTINUUM is the oil/gas reserve assets estimation and administration system based on demand of international oil companies. It is developed by using Java langduigeag. It can calculate geological reserve, economic recoverable reserves and remaining recoverable reserves and performe reserve economic evaluation.

SeisUp is the 3D seismic data parallel processing system. It is whole interactive processing system especially for huge 3D/3D datasets. Also optimized for 3D parallel processing on network or unique workstations, such as SMP sharing memory computer system and distributional memory structure multiple CPU system. SeisUp provide the optimized solutions for seismic data interactive processing based on technique, performance and practice.

ZEH is the network plotting and administration software. It supports near all of the plotting hardware and graphic file formats. It can read graphic file from various formats, output the rasterized graph to various plotter or transform to other format. It also can combine CGM/+ graphs and bitmaps together to make presentation.

3DStress is an advanced tool to interactively analyze the tendency for faults and fractures to slip or dilate based on a user-specified three-dimensional (3D) stress state. It also creates an interactive environment with various stress conditions.

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